christine clinckx, Performance Everything is connected with each other, 2023 Rhok Academy Brussel in the Expo Vered Ben-Kiki

Alles is met alles verbonden @Rhok academy Brussels ,Etterbeek and Sint-Pieters Woluwe

11 Maart 2023

Performance for MISS VERED
?? Artist - Poet - Musician - Performer Asteroid 42

Everything and everyone is connected in a joint performance with the voluntary participation of every visitor.

Energy is never lost, it just changes form.
All matter that we observe is made up of atoms.
When someone dies, his atoms live on in another form; water, air, stone, …

Everything is energy and energy moves in circles. Like the planets revolving around the sun - and electrons revolving around the nucleus of atoms.

Carbon (C on the periodic table) can be found everywhere: in rocks, the oceans, the atmosphere, in organisms – and the carbon cycle is always moving between those different places.
The creation of the biosphere, the thin sliver of life on our blue planet, required unimaginable amounts of carbon. In your body alone, if you weigh 70 kilograms, there are seven quadrillion (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 7·1027) carbon atoms.
Virtually all atoms on Earth are therefore billions of years old.
The same atoms are reused every time: your body contains the same carbon that was already present in almost all other people, animals and plants that have lived until now. They also resided in rocks and spent much of their time in the atmosphere.