border, video installation 2018

Borders are established through agreements between political or social entities that control those areas

this area is asleep

i follow the border but it is invisible ,
you cannot touch it
it is no road you can follow,
no wall between the different area's,
i have to turn back to meet the border from anonther side
it's like a invisible circle the agreement drew around an aerea with houses

fusion between this area's

a melt together

these different area's have names

these houses tell us the different stories from there different people over the time that lived in them

some are to dark to tell

some of them are happy

if there are no borders there is no fusion
i don't dare to talk to you

you don't want to breath the air i am breathing


christine clinckx, Border, 2018 video installation with construction material

clinckx fusion video installation 2018  


christine clinckx, Fusion, 2018 video installation with construction material