Christine Clinckx, Bike, 2005, earth work underground parking space covered with grass, bike with shelter covered with grass, survival equipmFor the exhibition in Hof Ter Saksen, @cctervesten Beveren,

I developed a project in 2005, a shelter dug into the ground of the park, hidden from the view of supervisory authorities. There is a bicycle available, which is equipped with all the necessities for a long trip.

In 2003 I realized the installation Unterwelt in the German city of Borken. From beneath the drainage grates in the city streets came the sounds of laughter and chatter. Before this, I had previously recorded sounds and conversations in a refugee center on the outskirts of the city. Through the sounds rising from the underground, she created the illusion that there was another community beneath the spotless and neat town of Borken, deprived of light and air. This work brings together two aspects that have been constant in Clinckx’s videos and installations for some time: the refugee and the shelter.

thanks for the photos Annemie Brys and Christl Van de Broucke
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